Monday, December 24, 2012

Yoga bitch

I don't really enjoy reading books - I would love to and envy those who can really get completely consumed by a book when reading it. I guess it is the slow pace that has always limited me to reading educational books, or at least books with some level of science in them, like "sex, sleep, eat, drink, dream" from Jennifer Ackerman.

The only exceptions I can tell you were the books they made me read in school, and 3 "Dan Brown"- books. I read those in a limited amount of time, but since then.... I can not seem to finish another book.

My wife recently told me I should read this book - Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison. She thought I would be able to relate to her and might enjoy the book as she describes her first steps into the field of yoga.
Until now, she has been right. I have been reading it on more than one occassion and have enjoyed every moment of it. I am now up to a point that I try to look for time to read it.... which for me is exceptional.

I also discovered a new interesting blog that I defenitely want to check out more in detail - happy tree pose about yoga and also food - happen to be two things I like....

Coming to think of it - in this festive season of abundant food consumption, I really start to long for things that scream "healthy" whereas I used to be looking forward to meat in gravy, mashed potatoes, high calorie desserts ..... maybe the yoga practise is starting to have an effect on me?

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