Sunday, December 30, 2012

On to 2013

It's the end of 2012 - so time to look back - everybody does it, so why shouldn't I?

Since this is a blog about my journey in yoga, I'm not going to bother you with all the other stuff that happened in my life this past year, nor the good, nor the bad.

As for yoga, that has defenitely became a part of my life this year.
The first 6 months, I practised occasionally in the garden - sometimes accomponied by my biggest fan, my 3-year old daughter.

But since my wife and I decided to take a teacher training, more time goes into asana's. And with the start of this blog, more time goes into reading and thinking about yoga in a broad perspective.

I found another great blog - - with the advantage that it has regular new posts. That is the hardest part about maintaining a blog by yourself - how frequent can you post something that is potentially relevant....

I'm also thinking more about how big a part yoga can and will be in my life. Will it stick to daily practice of asana's, or do I want a more holistic approach and incoporate more of the first 2 limbs of yoga into my daily life (but no, I will not become a full time vegetarian, and no I will not start believing in a supreme being and the after life.....). In fact, taking those things out of the equation, I'm already doing a decent job in being yoga ... but I'll see how far this journey will take me.

I've started my second 40-day challenge on December 25th, and have been practising on a daily basis since then - mainly in the morning since I'm home for the holidays, and even twice a day from time to time, just because it feels good.

First thing on my 2013 to do list .... buy a larger size yoga mat - most mats are 183cm long. I'm 190cm tall, I just don't fit comfortobaly on them. Found a 210cm long mat on the web.... so hope to get it before the next class...

So on to 2013 and the rest of the teacher training...

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