Saturday, December 22, 2012

Virus - "40-day challenge": 1 - 0

So a virus got me and took me out for a while. I wasn't feeling well, and decided to hit the bed - only to come out after 24 hrs of mainly sleep and an occasional run to the toilet.

Needless to say, no yoga for a few days  - virusses, although little buggers, seem to manage to suck out  all the energy that you have.

Just because I did not do any yoga, didn't mean I did not thing about it.
I have decided to re-start my daily routine once I feel up to it (should be any day now) and at least once a week to a full Prana Yoga Flow 1. Because I can not follow it at Alberto's studio every week - the 1h30-drive spoils it - he has recorded his instructions for the complete flow on a CD. So that is what I am planning to use at least once a week, the book and the CD to get me through the whole flow.

I will also work on my own sun salutation - the easy one for beginners - to be able to teach it next time.

And I have decided to look at other blogs about yoga.
A first one I really want to spend some time on is this one:

As a beginner, I consider myself the target audience - let's hope I'm right.

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