Sunday, December 16, 2012

Me no speak no Sanskrito

One thing that I noticed in Saturday's training, is that both our teacher, but also some of the more experienced students like to refer to the different postures with their Sanskrit name.

It happened during the teaching of the sun salutations, and again at the end of the training. Someone had a question about the "fish" posture - what is the best way to approach this posture and is there weight on your head when the posture is complete. There was a bit of discussion on how to approach the posture, until one of the more advanced yogi said - oh yes, and you come out of the "halasana" when you enter the "matyasana" (=fish pose)..... people need to start talking in a language that rookie yogi like myself understand and can relate to.

In my point of view, if you start teaching yoga to people who are not experienced, addressing the postures with their Sanskrit name can be a turn-off. New yogi will already be challenged by all the bending and breathing, no need to throw in a new language that they can not relate to whatsoever. I think it is better to define the posture with a name in their mother tongue, to take away one hurdle already when memorising a series like the Prana Yoga Flow.  Maybe it is something to throw into the group next training...

I started today with 4 sun salutations - all my muscles were aching from yesterday's training, so a morning stretch seemed ok in my mind.
The first one was terrible, but by the 4th I regained my flexibility and it all felt good again.

The good thing is, this was the 5th day in my 40 day challenge - still going strong!

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