Saturday, December 8, 2012

"I'm not in the mood for yoga"-virus

Oh dear - where I almost did yoga on a daily basis in the first two weeks, the last two weeks were terrible when it comes to practice.

The first week was still OK - but then I caught a cold or something last Friday and ended up on the couch under a pile of blankets.... and then in bed long before my usual bed time. It was only a one day thing, I started feeling better by the end of Saturday, even gave it a shot to do a few sun salutations.... but I felt I was stretching it (not only my muscles).

Sunday was a day without exercise, and on Monday, I had to fly to the US for work and stayed there for 3 days returning on Thursday morning.
The intention to take my yoga mat with me was there, but it did not fit in my small suitcase. I abandonned the idea quite quickly. I did take my yoga outfit and the exercise book.... just in case.
Monday evening US time, I went to the gym to do some cardio training. Back in my room, I stretched and started a sun salutation. I moved into cobra and downward facing dog - but the shear sight of the carpet in the hotel room made me stop. Too little room and a dodgy carpet resulted in no yoga in the US.

Then, back home - Thursday was all about re-adjusting to CET. And for Friday and Saturday, I can only conclude I have caught a new virus - the much feared "I'm not in the mood for yoga"-virus.

I once read in a yoga magazine that if you do yoga for 40 days in a row, it becomes part of your daily routine and you will feel energized to practice every day.
I'm not there yet - nor am I going to make it my New Year's resolution to get to the 40 days starting on Jan 1st.

No, I'm starting the 40 day challenge right..... tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will also work on the exercise that we need to make, to make our own sun salutation and possibly teach it the next lesson. I've already scanned in the book we work from, and will be photoshopping my own sun salutation tomorrow afternoon... and then, I will get started again... I hope.

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