Friday, December 14, 2012

40 days challenge - game on!

Namasté ;-)

So today is my 3rd day of the 40 consecutive days you are supposed to do yoga to be "hooked on yoga" as in, you need your daily yoga exercise or something is not feeling right. I've decided to take on the challenge, and if it is not true, I'm going to write a letter - to that yoga magazine that is. I know this sounds very un-yoga like, but hey, I've always said I'm aiming to be a Western yogi.... nuff said.

Given the time of year, there are some challenges ahead to make the 40 days full - I will need to do morning yoga on December 25th for sure, as most likely the family party will include a) alcohol b) too much food as in "I need to lay down now or...." and c) might last till late in the evening. A sun salutation after having a few alcoholic beverages / too much food might be an interesting experience, but I think I will pass on this one.
Same goes for New Year's Eve - morning yoga on the 31st, probably late evening yoga on the 1st....

I have a feeling if I can get past those festive days without skipping my daily routine, I will be fine for the 40 day challenge.

The sessions tend to get longer after each training-saturday - it started with 3 sun salutations. Last time we added 3 extra poses and tomorrow, most likely another 3 will be added.... I practise the whole series as far as we have learned, just to get it in my brain. I will need to take this into account further on in the teacher training...need to schedule more time to yoga.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - I have made my sun salutation exercise, I've practised a decent amount and I'm curious again for the "theoretic" part of the training....

More to come, in the next post.

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