Sunday, December 16, 2012

Of bandas and sphincters

Yoga practise yesterday was tough. We did not spend a lot of time on the philosophical part (the theory). Someone new had joined the group - a women who started the teacher training two years ago but was not able to finish the whole course for private reasons. She has been going to Alberto's classes every Tuesday to practise the complete flow -- yep, she's defenitely more experienced than me.

We started with teaching our home made sun salutation to one of the others - a few times. Than 4 'volunteers' taught their sun salutation to the whole group.The group teaching resultated in a total of 45 minutes of cobra's, upward facing dogs, downward facing dogs and all the variants you can think of..... I had the feeling that everybody wanted to make their sun salutation quite challenging.... Helloow!!! , there are also yoga rookies in the room. So much for empathy.

For some reason, the heating in the room was not really on my side either. It was so hot in there it felt a bit like bikram yoga (where the studio is always at 40°C).

After a short break, we continued with the entire series of the Prana Yoga Flow - another 6 sun salutations and then the 32 postures......

At posture number 28, the new girl suddenly asks - how tight do we need to keep our banda's at this stage of the flow (she even called them by name)?
Are you kidding me???? My yoga mat looks like a leopard with all the drops of sweat that have managed to avoid getting sucked in my shirt or pants, and we were supposed to keep our banda's tight? I don't know if I should classify this as 'total madness' and if people who manage to do this deserve my 'utter respect' but I left my banda's already after the beginning of the 4th sun salutation of this series -  I'm glad that I still can put effort in my sphincters.....

I defenitely have a long way to go...

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