Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's talk about..... Karma

I knew that sooner or later the word "karma" would pop up ... and yes, on the second Saturday training, there it was.... "karma".

A story on how some kid had stole a bike and saw his bike stolen a few weeks later was enough to throw in karma as a yogi-explanation for the events. Simple as that.

I wonder if anyone ever did some decent statistics on how many bad things versus good things happen in people's lifes (on average). There is probably a certain factor to take into account with each event - the birth of a child most likely outranks driving to work without traffic jams. Maybe there is a recalculation formula or table on the internet somewhere, who knows. And in the end, should Karma be neutral again at the end of your life - and in this life, or how many lives do you need to take into account? Is there a timing between events? If something good happens to you, do you need to start living in fear as something bad is about to happen. Or can you just have all the luck all of the time and then die.... ?

Maybe I should have thrown in these questions once the topic was mentioned. But in that perspective, something has changed.... years ago, I would have loved these kind of topics to start a discussion, to throw in the opposite perspective just to get things going, to stir things up just for the fun of it .... and now, I just let it go.... I wonder if that is because I am getting older, or is it the yoga effect on me to "live and let live"?

In the end, our yoga teacher challenged us with an exercise on this matter. He said - "go walk around in a shopping mall, looking angry or scared for an hour.... and then walk around for another hour, looking happy, smiling, open .... and see for yourself how different the effect is on other people".

I'm sure there will be places in the world where you blend in perfectly with the crowd in the first hour, and end up in a straitjacket after the second hour... but he probably is right, what you reap is what you sow.... that's Karma for you!

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