Sunday, November 25, 2012


So yesterday was the second training day of my yoga teacher training.

The theoretic part focussed on the 8 limbs of yoga - just for reference, this link will give you some more info on them.

There were some nice discussions in the group, when discussing Yama and Niyama (that is how far we got, only the first 2 limbs).

It started with the whole "do no harm" as expressed in "ahimsa" - first part of Yama -- suddenly the discussion moved towards vegetarism and veganism, as you don't want to do harm to any living things. I can see that with killing animals to eat them, but milking a cow? And a few minutes later, I was assured (indirectly) that yogi are not really into veganism either - a story on how someone was invited to share a meal, and there was only on bottle of yoghurt.... so they do milk cows!!!

Anyway, I have nothing against vegetarians, it would be the way to go to save the world as the return on investment to create meat is not in nature's favour.
Could I become a vegatarian - I probably could.
Do I want to become a vegetarian? Nope, not on my to do list at the moment. I'm sticking to my chicken and fish, don't eat a lot of pig or cow. But I have no intention to become a full time vegetarian -- and certainly not one of those "vegetarians" that do eat fish from time to time.... there is no such thing as a part time vegetarian, is there? Why can't people just say that they don't eat meat, occasionally some fish, without throwing in the word vegetarian? Or is it OK to customize something trendy in a way that it suits you so it makes you feel like you are on trend?

I that case,  I will from now on consider myself a "breakfast vegetarian" (I always start the day with muesli and milk).

I'm still digesting the rest of the theory, so will come back on that in a next post....

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