Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First lesson - part 2

After the theory, it is time to get moving.

We start with a number of sun salutations - 3 main variants with little tweaks to make them more challenging if you want, followed by 32 postures that flow from one into the other.
I knew I was not really in shape, but even at a slow pace I start feeling warmer and the first drops of sweat are there... yes, I defenitely need to get into exercise more.

"Never compare yourself to others" - it doesn't matter how deep someone else can bend, you have to focus on yourself and try to slowly stretch yourself.
I never question this rule - knowing I'm not the fittest or most flexible of this group, and taking into account my limited yoga experience, comparison would only make me unhappy (trying to avoid the word depressed!). It's a good thing that there are no mirrors in the room like in aerobics classes - guess that is done on purpose as well.

The flow ends with a mindfullness exercise - a body scan - where you have to focus on each part of your body starting at your toes, going through your legs, body and finally ending at the top of your head. The focus on yourself should block out other thoughts - or as they put it here - if an other thought appears, you have to accept it, and then let it go and focus again on your body in the here and now.... so in my language - no other thoughts allowed, no "I'm getting hungry", no "I could do with a nap now", no nothing....
I hear the first snorring in the room - at least someone is totally relaxed and without thoughts.

A quick break and than we start with the focus on the first part of the flow. Sun salutation A1 with mini vinyasa - it's a good thing that I have a book with pictures in front of me. Still, part of the exercise is to "teach" to other people in the room. 3 of them think it is a great idea that I would be the "teacher" for this.... oh dear, maybe it did not sink in that I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE. I'm ok with presenting, have to do that professionally from time to time, but I need to be familiar with the matter.... having done the sun salutation once is not enough to familiarize me with it.
But, I take on the challenge, and take them throught the sun salutation, with the book in front of me.
It was not as bad as I feared, and one of the yogi complimented me on my voice, that it is nice to listen to.... I hate my voice, but like the compliment.

The first day comes to an end... next lesson in 2 weeks.... but by then, I need to know the 3 sun salutations by heart.... Game on!

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