Sunday, November 18, 2012

How it began...

Why did I start with yoga?

Good question. It looks trendy in this day and age, but then again, I'm not a trendsetter, not even an early adapter in most cases - I don't own any I-things (no Ipod, Ipad, ....I whatever). ... so being trendy is most likely not it.
I guess I just wanted to experience what all the fuzz is about. People who are into yoga are generally very positive about it. It relaxes them, it has changed their life, it brings them joy and happiness.

And, be honest, everybody is looking for happiness - the ultimate quest in life.

I wanted to experience what the effects of yoga - in my case I'm referring to the postures - could have on me.  So that already triggers a first question - can the physical part of yoga already increase my happiness or do I need to open up to a holistic approach and allow the spiritual side to become part of me as well?

Yoga clubs, although very common in cities, have not reached the rural area where I live unfortunately. So I started yoga at home with a number of books, and try to follow the postures as described in them. I could see myself gaining flexibility, but had a hard time bringing myself to the yoga mat every day. And off course I wondered, am I doing it right?

My wife and I went on 2 yoga weekends over the past 2 years. This is where we met Alberto. Alberto has practiced all different kinds of yoga for over 30 years - and finally created his own type of yoga, Prana Yoga Flow.

Every time I took one of his yoga sessions, I felt good - tired but happy. It's a pity that his yoga classes are a 90 minute drive from where I live, otherwise I would join them on a weekly basis.

So my wife and I decided to join his yoga teacher training (part 1). Some couples go salsa dancing (been there, done that) but we think that going through the yoga teacher training together would be a great way to spend quality time together. We can help each other out and compare how we both go through this experience.... my wife is more driven by emotions whereas I am driven by ratio.... this could become very interesting in many ways.

Next blogpost - the first training day....

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