Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am not alone....

just a quick in-between post before I continue to share my first yoga weekend experience.

I found a website - www.challengeloop.com  - where people can create challenges and invite others to participate / join them.

Guess what, there was a yoga challenge to practise yoga every day for the first month of 2013!


Suddenly I am one of over 2250 people who decided to do daily yoga in January 2013 - fits nicely with my 40-day challenge (so I am actually 7 days ahead of the rest, but will need to continue for 3 more days in February to reach my own challenge).

Sharing it is an extra motivation - knowing others are walking the same path makes it easier to persevere.... Game on!

PS. Today, 25 minutes of Prana Yoga Flow!

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