Sunday, January 13, 2013

20 down - 20 to go

Day 20 of my 40-day challenge -- that is 20 days of daily yoga. At the start of my challenge I never had thought I would get here - but the daily routine is getting addictive.

Most days, I do about 25 minutes of Prana Yoga Flow. 3 - 4 sun salutations followed by a series of asana's, including some breathing exercises and a rest in the corpse pose at the end.

A few things have helped me to continue on this challenge:
1) my new mat - it's just really inviting to get on and start doing yoga. I also keep it open all the time, in an area where the kids can play in the living room -- it makes it easier to just get on it and do a first sun salutation ... and start a session.
2) the yoga challenge on -- the challenge is to do yoga every day for the first month of 2013 -- over 2300 people from all over the world joined the challenge and going there every day to post if you did yoga or not, or post some pics, it really creates a sense of community. It's great to read other people's experience and see their pics -- most of their poses are far more advanced than what I can do, but that is OK.
3) my youngest son (10) and youngest daughter (4) have both joined me spontaneously during my yoga sessions - in most cases just for the sun salutations. But it is a great training in teaching, as I need to explain to them what they need to do, while doing it myself. And for the little one, poses get different names like 'the cobra' becomes 'the banana'.

So my challenge is going great - 20 down, another 20 to go!

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