Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meditatieve swimming

My youngest daughter was following swimming classes to learn how to swim, which left me waiting for 30 minutes at the side of the swimming pool every week.

I have never been a fan of swimming, but after a few weeks I joined her, swimming laps when she was learning how to swim and having some fun with her after that, going down water slides... I thought that instead of waiting, swimming would be a better use of my time... And good for my overall health for sure.

Now, I actually enjoy my time doing laps... And I turned it into meditatieve swimming. Each lap, I continuesly repeat to myself the nummer of the lap I am doing.... Each stroke.... Over and over again till I hit the end of the pool and make my way back, with an increased number. After a while, I noticed that I had no other thoughts.... Meditation during swimming... How about that.

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