Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teaching a balance pose

Yesterdays teacher training was good, and challenging.

We started with "teaching" one pose each - it resulted in a shortened but complete flow.

And I have to tell you, it is not easy to stay in a balance pose (standing hand to big toe pose) and teach at the same time. You want to talk slowly and clearly, but you still need to focus to keep your balance, and then, you have to give all the hints and tips to create a good alignment for your 'students'.
I need to focus on giving the different options while training - a beginner might feel more confident staying in the pose where you bend you knee and just hold your leg up instead of trying to get a hold of their big toe and stretch their leg completely. And I need name the pose at the start - but Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana is not really something that rolls out of your mouth easily - I'll stick to the Flemish for the time being.

Overall it was OK, not good, but OK. Next class is in 6 weeks time - by then, we all need to be able to teach a piece of the flow in order to create the complete flow. I have 2 balancing poses to teach - the standing hand to big toe pose and the tree pose. I will need to practice a lot, not only to be able to stay in the pose comfortably, but also to keep my head clear so I can focus on what to say and say it in a calm way.

Although it is not my ambition to become a yoga teacher I kinda like the challenge to teach. Before I would ever start teaching, I will need to practice yoga for a few years myself, to really get comfortable with the poses and know by heart what to do to get in alignment.

We continued class with deep diving in a number of poses and focussing on how to correct others. And then concluded with the entire flow.

So that is my yoga challenge for me for the next coming weeks, what's yours?

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